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Air; Ocean; Brokerage; Trucking; Logistics & Supply Chain Management; Perishables; Time Critical; Relocations; Projects Cargo and Other Purposes.
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International Trade and Investments; Supply Chain and Logistics; Intellectual Property (Border Control and Protection)
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Marketing Communications; Advertising; PR; Direct Marketing; Design and Print, Strategy Development, Inventory and Distribution Management; Fulfilment; Database Creation and Management; Networking, Event Management and Business Development.
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Internal Revenue Taxation; Customs, Tariff and Indirect Tax; Port Operations; Customs Bonded Warehousing; Dumping and Safeguard Measures; Maritime, Transportation and Freight; Marketing Solutions and Trading Solutions.
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We are EVERYTHING you ever wanted!
Trusted Company

With more than 10 years of establishment, 20 years of experience, working on trust, Advance Vietnam is a transportation company trusted by hundreds of customers in Vietnam and worldwide.

We work closely with customers in both the freight process, shipping time, and commitment to goods delivered to customers in perfect conditions.

We own a high quality staff, who can handle jobs from large to small, optimizing both time and effort for customers.

World Trade International Bridge

We have a long list of domestic products and imported products at very competitive prices that you are looking to buy wholesale for consumption or business.

We also have business relations with many foreign partners that can provide you with a long-term source of high quality products. You need to buy imported goods, we can connect you with suppliers immediately.

We are also looking for foreign partners as well as domestic who want to exchange international goods. We want to be a solid bridge between the Vietnamese market and the world market.

Marketing Solution Consultant

We have a team of experienced personnel in the Marketing & PR industry, we can provide you with an outsourced marketing department with the lowest cost and highest efficiency.

We can provide a full range of marketing solutions using the best agencies in the market to boost your business identity and revenue.

Do you have a business that wants to enter Vietnam to provide services or goods? You can call us at any time

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Providing prestigious and 10-year professional transport services

We are a trusted and designated company as a shipping partner by thousands of businesses in Vietnam and around the world!

Road (over 1.000.000 km/year)
Rail (over 500.000 tons/year)
Air (over 100.000 tons/year)
Ocean (over 50.000 containers/year)



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